About Us

tanisi kakiyaw. ni-miyowitin kakiyaw instotiman masinakewin. takwākin oma. awasisakekwa oskāyak metawewak wayawetimihk.

The beginning of the 2020-21 school year always marks a time of unprecedented change and a shift in the way we approach the world. Our lives changed on Monday, March 16, 2020 when we were forced to begin a new way of how we approached the world due to the novell coronavirus pandemic. We had a chance to re-evaluate at how we communicate and relate to each other. Although we were all kept from the outside world, it brought those that have wandered from us and led to reconnecting with those we care for so much. Now with our school back to a Blended Program, Face to Face and Remote Learning, we can reconnect with our students.  

Our mandate is simple, awasis nikan- the child comes first. We will strive to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities, while discovering what truly inspires them. As a part of the School Based Administration team, Arliss Coulineur- Principal, Geraldine Rediron- V.P. High School, Adele Iron- Elementary V.P., admin will provide a stimulating, safe and caring Indigenous learning working environment for students, staff and community stakeholders. We presently have 275 Nursery to Grade 12 students and 45 staff members. As a staff, we will provide a culturally responsive setting in the classroom and school while fostering wahkohtowin(kinship) in the community. Everyone will have a place within our family  learning environment.  With the new vision and use of the new Cultural Year Plan, nehiyawewin (Cree Language) program, and alongside the Land Language Relationship and Culture program, these will directly support the positive experience of our students on their educational journeys. 

While at the Canoe Lake Miskiw School, students online and face to face, can flourish, achieving academic excellence, becoming emotionally and physically stronger, and growing their talents. The Following Their Voices program takes care of that. We are in Year III, the last of a main staple of the lives of our staff and students lives. Following Their Voices is a main staple in how we relate with our students within our school. Their Voice is what helps drive the dynamic learning environments in our classrooms. Students also have the option of participating in numerous extra-curricular activities (i.e.: Yearbook, Newsletter, Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Drama, Soccer, Robot Rumble, and many others). Students are provided with a free morning breakfast and hot lunch program prepared by the Hot Lunch staff.

The safety and success of our students is also a priority in our school. We have many supports in place to assist all of our students. School support programs in place are the Elders Program, ELA Catalyst Program (Adele Iron), Math Catalyst(Leslie Kennedy), MLTC Early Reading Interventionist (Lyndon Bouvier), and our Guidance Counsellor (Diane Martell), are aimed to helping and supporting our school in organizing activities to enhance student life at our school. The breakfast/lunch program is one of the activities that is provided to all of our students.   

Parents, please add your children to our school's virtual Google Classroom via the emails that were assigned to them. Do not forget our school Facebook (Canoe Lake Miksiw School) page. Add them both to your smartphones to keep up on all events and school closure information throughout the year.  I ask you to look for ways to become involved here at CLMS. Staff are your guides and advocates. Take advantage of this invitation to come into our school and be a part of our daily routines. Become involved. You are a big part of our CLMS Family.