Letter to Parents- Vigilance is Needed

February 5, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I would like to acknowledge all parents and caregivers of our community for being very understanding and supportive thus far in the 2020-21 school year. We encourage all parents to have a discussion with their child (ren) on the importance of the safety precautions. By being the first line of defence in keeping our school safe, you the parent or caregiver, can assist by screening your child each morning before leaving your home. This is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. We must all do our part as a community to keep each safe, especially our youngest members.


For health and safety reasons, please continue to let us know if your child is not feeling well and keep them home when sick.  We ask parents and caregivers to continue alerting us and helping mitigate the impact of COVID19 on our school year.  This is a trying time for everyone and I appreciate the support of all of our families and the community. Please find attached documents that will help you understand the process of contact tracing and illness in the school.


My challenge to the community is to adapt to the new reality. We are doing this not just to protect your child but also to protect others in our community. We will get through this together. Children or students who refuse to comply with the safety precautions will be asked to leave the school. Parents or caregivers will be notified and the student will have to be picked up from school (by the parent). Unfortunately, there will be no transportation provided for this reason due to COVID-19 protocols.


Upon returning to back to school this week, students will not only be re-educated in all academic areas but with precautionary safety measures while attending school each day. Instruction with proper hand washing or sanitizing, mask wearing, and importance of physical distancing will be instructed daily. 

Also a big THANK YOU to our students for taking on so much during this pandemic and everyone trying their hardest to maintain a sense of normalcy during this “COVID School year.” Our students did a tremendous job figuring out how to log into authenticated Google sessions from home, overcoming technology issues, joining Google Classrooms, and dealing with many other new challenges this year. Our students really did an amazing job. I am confident that our students will come out more resilient than ever before once this year is over and they will gain a sense of gratitude for the “normal” school experience that will soon come again to us all.


These are also on our Facebook page and our school website www.canoelakeschool.ca and they will be updated accordingly.


In closing, we are going to tentatively go ahead with the 25th Annual C.L.M.S. Ski Loppet. This one will be unique as we are doing this virtually with other schools. Family Day is on February 15, which will kick off our Winter Break until February 19. Classes will resume Monday, February 22, 2021. As well, we encourage you to join us at the school for PINK SHIRT Day on Feb. 24 to make stand against bullying. Send pictures to your child’s teacher to make a classroom collage. Take care and stay safe!


Thank you for your understanding of all new and ongoing precautionary measures.

In the Spirit of Resilience,


Arliss Coulineur, B.Ed., M.Ed.